DONOVAN RYAN's roots may be Irish, but his past performances are more singer-songwriter. Whether singing bold lead vocals, or harmonizing with the other singers in The Gallowglasses, DONOVAN always delivers. When the song or the tune calls for pure instrumentation. DONOVAN can also jump in with the bodhran, mandolin or guitar.

VALERIE ROSE is a fiddler and vocalist in the San Francisco Bay Area, Valerie plays and teaches Irish traditional fiddle. She also sings in Celtic and other world music styles.  You can out more about VALERIE on her personal website.

MARK BORONKAY plays the guitar, tuned DADGAD in the traditional style. Having founded SF Bay Area favorites, Molly's Revenge, MARK has developed a keen ear for mixing very traditional Irish and Scottish sounds, with more modern sensibilities. In a fix, MARK can also play the mandolin and, rumor tells, sing harmonies.

MICHAEL McNELLY plays the Irish Bouzouki, the mandola (sometimes called an octave mandolin in America), and the mandolin. In a pinch, MICHAEL can also play the standard tuned guitar, bass guitar and the bodhran.  When plied with sufficient water of life, MICHAEL has even been known to sing.